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Rent Single & Double Kayaks

While kayaking in the Lysefjord is reserved for experienced paddlers, those with less experience can enjoy a paddling tour around Jørpeland. We have the kayaks and all other equipment you’ll need.

Kayak rentals for short and long adventures

Season | March – November

The Complete Package
From very short paddling tours to longer, multi-day adventures, we have both single and tandem / double kayaks, and will equip you with the necessary gear for your kayaking trip.

We also offer rental of camping equipment including sleeping mats, tents, and cooking equipment.

Kayaking is Good for the Body
Kayak paddling is a great way to have fun while being physically active. When you paddle, you engage the muscles in your entire body. An effective paddle stroke requires that you use a combination of back, hip, abdomen, leg and shoulder muscles. With each stroke, your body rotates, which makes for a more comfortable ride and allows you paddle longer.

Kayak Rental Near the Lysefjord
From our rental base in the village of Forsand, it’s possible for experienced kayakers to paddle directly into the legendary Lysefjord. Weather, wind, and waves can shift rapidly, so paddlers must be prepared for a variety of weather conditions, and be able to rescue themselves or others in the event of an emergency.

Kayak Rental Near Jørpeland
Along the coastline near the town of Jørpeland, weather, wind, and wave conditions are calmer, making it the ideal location for less experienced kayakers. From our base in Jørpeland, we offer reasonably priced, half-day kayak rentals, perfect for those who prefer a short and peaceful paddling tour.

What to Wear While Kayaking

While kayak paddling, you must dress according to the temperature of the water. Even when the air temperature is quite warm, it can be very cold in the water. In the event that your kayak flips over, it’s important that you are dressed accordingly.

Layers for Better Insulation
We recommend wearing a wool base layer under your outerwear. Many people choose to wear neoprene suits if the air temperature is warm, but the water is cold. This provides good insulation, and keeps you warm if you should fall into the water. To protect against wind, you can also wear a jacket over the suit. It’s a good idea be it spring, summer or autumn.

A Dry Suit Keeps You Dry
If you prefer to stay both warm and dry, a dry suit combined with a wool base layer can be worn. It’s the perfect combination when both air and water temperatures are low. A shell jacket over the dry suit will further insulate you against wind and rain. Many paddlers choose a dry suit when kayaking during the autumn and winter.

Foot And Head Protection
In normal circumstances, it should not be necessary to get your feet wet while boarding or paddling a kayak. Most of our guests choose to wear sneakers or light hiking shoes during their tour. However, accidents do happen, and in the event that water gets into your shoes, it’s a good idea to wear wool socks for better insulation. As it can often be windy on the water, we also recommend bringing along a beanie / hat.

Ingo S
Ingo S
31. August, 2020.
Phänomenal Decided for a spontaneous activity just one day in advance. Although we were the only participants the guided tour took place and we had some nice hours in the water. The lunch was superb and our guide came up with many interesting informations about the region as well as good kayaking advices. Highly recommended. Let’s hope the small businesses will survive the pandemic. Stay healthy
Lukas H.
Lukas H.
18. August, 2020.
Beautiful privat Tour! Today we had booked a Kajaktour, nobody expect my girlfriend and me had booked one, but still the Guide gave us a really nice long tour. He told as a lot about the local area and things we would’ve never known. We had booked a lunch and it’s was also really great an tasteful, especially the aplejuice! 🙂 We both have zero experience in kajaking, but we had great fun! Thank you so much for the great tour! We can recommend to anyone!
Ali K
Ali K
11. June, 2020.
Amazing Experience! Me and the wife really enjoyed our tour. Oyvind was very helpful booking the tour and taking us out on the Fjord. We learnt a lot about the local sea life and Islands. We would definitely recommend this tour to family and friends, and will do it again if we ever come back to Stavanger.
Nathalie V
Nathalie V
2. September, 2019.
Kayak tour We had a great time on the fjord. Our guide was very nice and professional and also he knew a lot of informations about Norwegian's wildlife. During the 3 hours tour we went around the island of Jørpeland and had a swim, great tour. I recommend strongly.
1. September, 2019.
Great experience My husband and I really enjoyed our tour. Oyvind was very helpful when we were trying to schedule the tour. The kayaking itself was very enjoyable and we learned a lot about the local sealife. We would definitely recommend this tour to family and friends, and will do it again if we every come back to Norway.
Bill L
Bill L
12. August, 2019.
Great scenery and very nice guide Had a great time here. Area around Jorpeland is great for kayaking. Guide was very nice. Life jackets were a slightly ragged but functional. Entire tour is very close to shore so not much to worry about. Lots of things to see with wildlife from clams, jellyfish, sardines, jumping salmon, harbor seal, and lots of birds.
Alberto Schra
Alberto Schra
11. August, 2019.
Schitterende kajak-tocht vanuit Jørpeland door het Lysefjord Mooie kajak-tocht gemaakt met een gids die goed ter zake kundig is. Goed materiaal en een gids die naast veel over de omgeving en Noorwegen weet ook zeer bedreven is in het kajakken en zijn gasten ook graag leert hoe je beter kunt kajakken en ook over de veiligheid dingen leert.
23. July, 2019.
Flawless Tour! This tour was an amazing experience. I loved the blowing wind, chill and high mountains around me. As a beginner I think that the group leader was a great teacher and provided very useful help and also information about the landscape. I suggest this tour to everyone!
Robert T
Robert T
23. July, 2019.
Kayak tour It was amazing experience everything was just on top. The view. The staff. The time. Everything was just cool.
Jeff & Connie
Jeff & Connie
22. July, 2019.
All we hoped for and more We kayaked via the Lysefjord down to Pulpit rock. The guide was knowledgeable beyond kayaking sharing his insights and experiences of Norway. The weather was perfect, the pace was relaxed, the scenery was out of this world, the equipment was solid and the guide was helpful and supportive without being overbearing.

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